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Want To Be Fascinated By Indian Food In Edinburgh? Check It Out

Indian dishes are more diverse than any other food. The traditional food of India has been extensively appreciated for its fabulous aroma, taste, texture, and nutrition value. Indian food is very popular in places like Edinburgh.
If you want to explore Indian Food in Edinburgh such as chicken tikka, bhindi masala, lamb chops, and other items, then you should definitely visit one of the best Indian restaurants to experience its taste. Well, you should look no further but visit Mumbai Diners’ Club; it is a popular and renowned Indian Food restaurant in Edinburgh.

Well, in today’s article, we will discuss some delicious Indian food available in ‘Mumbai Diners’ Club’ (Edinburgh). Stay tuned with this article.

Signature Indian food in Edinburgh

Take a look at the below list that will make your taste better. If you love veggie, then you can try

Paneer Tikka

Paneer karahi– Yes, Paneer is good for bones. It has high protein. You should try this Paneer dish once. It comes with Cubes home-made cheese cooked with bell pepper and tomato-based sauce.

bhindi masala

Bhindi Masala– Do you like bhindi? Then you can try bhindi masala. It comes with Fresh okra in a rich onion and tomato masala.

Tarka Dal– It is a popular Indian dish that comes with Yellow lentils tempered with garlic and fresh coriander.

aloo gobi

Aloo Gobi– It is delicious Indian dish that comes with Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with onion, tomatoes & spices.

If you love a non-veg item, then you can try

leg of baby lamb

Leg of spring lamb– It is an awesome Indian dish. If you love lamb preparation then this item makes you hungry. The whole leg of baby lamb marinated with fresh spice, grilled and served with musallam sauce. Don’t wait, just grab it.

Gressingham Duck

Gressingham Duck– Who loves duck’s preparation? Are you? Then try it. Breast of Gressingham duck marinated with ginger, garlic and cardamom roasted on a charcoal fire and served with coconut-based.

monkfish curry

Monkfish tikka– You also try it. Chunks of North Sea monkfish marinated in yogurt and fresh green herbs and then grilled in the tandoor.

lamb chops

Lamb chops– Do you want to surprise your loved one? Then offer this special Indian dish. Here, Scottish lamb chops marinated in ginger, garlic, and honey, grilled and served with spinach. Succulent and well-spiced.

Whole Tawa Lobster

Whole Tawa Lobster– Almost everyone loves lobster. If you want to experiment this then come to ‘Mumbai Diners’ Club’. Here, Scottish lobster served in a rich vine tomato and nut-based sauce with a gentle hint of honey.

The restaurant in Edinburgh will serve you sweet and wine as well. So taste it at the end of the main course.

Deserts list

Passion fruit Tart

Passion fruit Tart – Don’t miss it. It served with white chocolate and orange parfait and tamarind glazed strawberry.

making of Saffron poached pear

Saffron poached pear– Don’t forget to order it. It comes with Poached Pear stuffed with mango shrikhand and served with cinnamon ice-cream.

You may know that wine is the center of happiness. It relaxes our mind and brings smiles on our face, so don’t miss it. Check the wine list of ‘Mumbai Diners’ Club’.

Wine list

bar counter

Rosé D’Anjou Marcel Martin – Loire, France – Taste this Fruity yet refreshing rose with full of strawberry fruit, and lovely mint and herbal aromas.Sauvignon Blanc Santa Luz – Surprise your business companions with this special item. It contains ripe melon and citrus on the palate, with a crisp, refreshing finish.

The above list is not the finale food list of ‘Mumbai Diners’ Club’. You can explore more Indian food in Edinburgh if you visit them. This Indian restaurant has a well-arranged bar. Whether you visit here for celebrating a party or spending quality time, you can enjoy to the fullest with your favorite drink and deserts. So, why are you waiting for? Join them and enjoy their signature Indian food.

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